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Dr. James McGuckin



About Dr. James McGuckin


Dr. James McGuckin is a talented and published physician living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has over thirty-five years of experience in the healthcare industry, with a history of top-quality care and research. Dr. McGuckin is a creative inventor, entrepreneur, innovator, and founder. 

One of Dr. McGuckin’s most prominent roles at the moment is acting as the Medical Director of Pennsylvania Vascular Institute. The Pennsylvania Vascular Institute specializes in limb salvage, preservation of dialysis access, and high-level peripheral arterial work. They also deal with venous disorders, such as the recanalization of central venous occlusion. As the leader of this facility, Dr. James McGuckin is primarily a vascular and interventional radiology specialist. 

Dr. James McGuckin holds many medical patents, including one for an Excavator Tool and a Vascular conduit. These tools were designed to help save patient lives and limbs, providing the best care possible. Critical Limb Salvage is perhaps one of Dr. McGuckin’s biggest focuses, second to patient care.

Over the years, Dr. James McGuckin has had the opportunity to found several institutions. In 2012 he founded the PA Vascular Institute, which he is still associated with. A few years later, Dr. McGuckin founded the Peripheral Vascular Institute of Philadelphia, LLC (2009). This eventually led to him founding the PA Vascular Insittute, LLC (2012). However, his first attempt at launching an organization was with Rex Medical in 1999. He helped to Co-Found the facility and still acts as Director of Research and Development. 

In addition to the above roles, Dr. James McGuckin is part of the Adjunct Faculty for Temple University Podiatric School of Medicine. He’s been in this role for over five years. Likewise, Dr. McGuckin is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Board of Radiology and the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

Dr. James McGuckin’s earned his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and Pre-Medicine from the University of Notre Dame. During his tenure with the school, Dr. McGuckin became involved with the Pi Tau Sigma Honor Society and was added to the Dean’s List. Following this, Dr. James McGuckin attended Hahnemann University Medicine School for his Doctor of Medicine. However, James’ education was far from over, as he next headed to the University of Pennsylvania, earning his Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering.

As an avid researcher, Dr. James McGuckin has been published several times. His most recent publication was for Endovascular Today and was titled “The Benefits of Office Based Labs.” Other articles include “Long-Term Inferior Vena Cava Filter Retrieval” and “Aterio-venous Fistula Maturation.” Due to this level of understanding, Dr. McGucking is often requested as a guest lecturer. He has lectured for Veith Meeting (NYC), ISET (FL), SIR (national), PAIRS (PA), LEARN (FL), and CIRSE (Spain). 

When Dr. James McGuckin isn’t busy with work or research, he enjoys spending time on more active endeavors. He is an international surfer and skier. Dr. McGuckin is also an avid golf fan with a fondness for classic cars. Don’t be surprised to learn that he’s started another home restoration project when not busy with his other pastimes. 

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